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Mr. Blaxxx 3 years ago
Never leave the wife for a side bitch!
Canada Mike 2 years ago
My wife likes to watch me fuck other women. She likes the taste of another woman on my cock.
3 years ago
At the start he wasn't even inside her.
2 years ago
wife is much better then babysitter or whatever.
3 years ago
Thank fuck this is fake cause this is a good way of getting ur self killed
Lia 3 years ago
Divorce that man and bitch
Polygamist 3 years ago
Keep the wife and share her with other guys to cum in her pussy.
soulbeast 2 years ago
fucking pig u got a wife that dick only belongs to her u damn fool off with his head
Luna 3 years ago
Oh my gosh just fucken join in i would
LINDA 1 year ago
if that was my husband and babysitter, i would go into the kitchen boil water then throw it on them, then say to my husband, you fucking filthy dog, we are over! and say to her, he's all yours!